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ATLAANZ Symposium

24/25 June 2021 from 10am-11.30am NZST

Evaluating the impact of Tertiary Learning Advice Consultations on student learning and development:
A discussion of a recent pilot study

TJ Boutorwick and Kirsten Reid (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Learning advisors at Student Learning Te Taiako regularly evaluate our Tertiary Learning Advice Consultations  (TLACs), workshops and programmes, by conducting student surveys and focus groups, together with staff peer-observations and one-minute papers.  In response to recent calls in the literature to go beyond attendance data and perceived student satisfaction to ‘measure’ impact, we have begun using Hamilton et al.’s  (2019) ICALLD evaluation model.  We include an abridged version below and present in full during our presentation:

In this session, we discussed the pilot study for the most recent phase of our centre’s on-going evaluation project. In this phase, we used excerpts from the notes learning advisors record after their TLACs to identify and map key themes against the ICALLD framework.  Our question was: What light can these notes cast on student development over time?

The session also encouraged learning advisors to share evaluation practices and future plans and provide feedback on our pilot study.

Hamilton, J., Gao, X., Lynch, A. & Briggs, S. (2019). Evaluation of Academic Language and learning development provision.  International Consortium of Academic Language and Learning Development (ICALLD).

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