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ATLAANZ Conference an Undoubted Success 

Members of the Association of Teaching and Learning Advisors of Aotearoa New Zealand (ATLAANZ) were excited to launch their inaugural online biennial national conference held 30 November – 1 December 2022, despite going through one of the most challenging years yet in tertiary education. Participants from tertiary education organisations (TEOs) across Aotearoa and Australia, attended…

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Designing accessible online learning resources

By Siri Barrett-Lennard, The University of Western Australia – As Academic Language and Learning Developers, we know that for learning to be inclusive it needs to be accessible. We also know that Universal Design for Learning (UDL) benefits all students. But when it comes to making our online learning resources accessible, do we know how…

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“Why can’t they write like we want them to?!” Developing Students’ Writing Across an Institution 

by Andrew Struan, University of Glasgow ‘Our students can’t write.’  ‘What are they taught at school, anyway?’  ‘Why can’t they write properly?’  ‘It’s a comma and not a piece of decoration for the page!’   We’ll all have heard complaints about students’ writing. These complaints can range from a focus on the mechanical element of writing – let’s talk…

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Leadership in Learning Development

By Carina Buckley and Kate Coulson, ALDinHE  Sound and vision: introducing leadership As a Learning Developer, how do you influence University policy and practice?  “Influencing”, “Visions” and “Strategy” – all seemingly ethereal concepts when you are fresh out of school or university. We wish we had been offered a module as undergraduates which had equipped…

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Three things I’ve learned in the office move

Dr Alexander Cuthbert, University of Strathclyde. External Liaison and Committee Member for ScotHELD During the summer of 2021, as part of the redevelopment of our Study Skills provision into a Learner Development Services centre, I started building a new VLE to house our learning and research resources. As part of this project, I wanted…

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ChatLAANZ connects during Covid

Maintaining lines of communication and relationships have become increasingly important over the past year.  The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen many of us locked down, working from home and isolated from our day-to-day interaction with colleagues.   Ironically, though, the shift to a largely online environment has also provided unexpected opportunities to broaden connections.…

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Capturing academic language and learning structures, contexts and practices

On 21 May the ICALLD Symposium-Over-Time featured Dr Sally Ashton-Hay, Alex Barthel and Dr Amanda Müller speaking about updating the Australian University Register of Academic Language and Learning (ALL) Centres/Units. The table of ALL centres and units captures the structures in which we work, the contexts in which ALL happens and the practices that we…

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Even Covid has a silver lining

This week, ScotHELD opened its Summer Conference and plenary session to learning advisors throughout the ICALLD network, and many of us took up the opportunity to attend (albeit some of us in our pyjamas). During my “visit to Scotland”, as I have affectionately come to refer to these sessions, I was particularly struck by Andrew…

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